About Me

I am a wife, a mother of 3, a pet owner, a gardner and probably many other things.  I’ve been a somewhat over scheduled stay at home mom for over 14 years.  I love to bake!  So, four years ago when a good friend suggested that I may have Celiac, I did a little research, then responded to her with a “NO!!!!  I don’t want to have that!”  I’ve been a vegetarian pretty much my entire life.  I do, however, cook meat and serve it to my family every day.  For whatever reason, I have had serious problems digesting different proteins my entire life.  So, after resisting for a few months, I suggested that my doctor add the Celiac test to my next blood draw.  I’d gone gluten free for about a month and realized that I wasn’t vomiting every day.  I had to of course eat gluten again for the blood test (PAINFUL!) and though my doctor ASSURED ME that I did not have Celiac, the results came back positive.  I spent a year eating…well, not much.  Salads, nachos, fajitas and the like were my only real foods because I was still cooking regular food for my family and didn’t want to make a big production of my own meals.  In short, I just wasn’t taking care of myself.  I gained weight…a lot of weight.  I became depressed, frustrated and just generally annoyed.

I missed food, well, enjoying food.  I didn’t like the breads and other gluten free options my local stores carried.  I needed to find a new way.  I began to experiment.  We have a wonderful gluten free bakery but it is about 45 minutes away, without traffic.  It was difficult for me to drive that far for a wonderful cupcake or 3 if I wasn’t in the area.  The existence of this wonderful place however, gave me hope!  Gluten free food can taste good!  I tried different flour blends that are readily available at our local stores but wasn’t satisfied with the texture.  Finally, I found individual flours and began to mix them myself.  After much trial and far too many fails, I found some blends that worked for me.  My cookies tasted good again, and I could eat them!

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed a few symptoms with my son that gave me pause, constant headaches, occasional stomach pain and upset.  My oldest daughter began to also get headaches and my youngest began to vomit more frequently than I thought should be normal.  This past November, I had them all tested.  My son (the oldest) had a probable result, my oldest daughter (the middle) had a positive result and my youngest daughter was not positive, though she is only 7, and sadly will probably come into it around puberty.  This is when our house changed.  We went completely gluten free in the house.  Every meal, every baked good, everything.  Except…my poor husband has one shelf where he keeps his coveted wheat thins and cream of wheat, that I make him eat out of paper bowl as to not contaminate.  This is where my journey truly began.  I didn’t want my children to go without.  I needed to learn to make things like cupcakes and bread that tastes just as good.  I would like to share these discoveries with you!


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